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Discussion Forums and Chat Rooms                                                   <<

From this page you can reach the Discussion Forums and Chat Rooms, see below:

Discussion Forums - Visit the Big Brother Online exclusive Forums, where you can post your Points or Questions, for other fans to debate and answer. Then, come back later to keep that topic going, start a new one or give your opinion on someone else's topic. It's Free and easy to post on our Forums and of course, you are welcome to just read what everyone else has to say ...but where's the fun in that?!

The Rules
i. Please do not post any potentially offensive or libellous remarks into our forums. It's just not that kind of forum and is heavily moderated. Conversational swearing is limited and the regular users, if they must use a mild word, will usually censor the word themselves i.e. b@stard, tw*t. Like we said before though, please try not-to, as adults sometimes use this forum and might get offended! Just kidding.

ii. Please do not make unnecessarily aggressive or argumentative posts. We pride ourselves on running quality forums and concede that you will find other forums elsewhere in our Links section where you can literally, "say what you want."

iii. Please do not post trivial posts in the Main forums (i.e. "I'm bored at work today," "My car's just broken down," "I've got the new Kylie CD" etc. Such chit-chat belongs in The Den if it's not relevant to Big Brother. This keeps things 'on-topic.'

iv. Consider participating in a current thread before starting your own. We're not trying to put you off posting at all, but that's what makes a great forum, lots of buzzing threads with some really good discussion going on.

vi. Please do not post links to other Big Brother sites in our forums. That's why we have a links section and you are welcome to inform us of sites that you think should be added there.

v. Please DO have fun! We appreciate that there's lots of stuff you seemingly can't do here and some posts will inevitably be removed, but remember, "it's only a gameshow" and the name of the game is fun, not arguing. Leave that to the contestants!

By posting in our Forums, it is deemed that you have agreed to the above.

Click here to join-in the discussion.

Chat Rooms - The place to go for a chat about the show (in real time) with other like-minded fans. Moderated by humans not robots, so no-one can spoil the fun. Registration is required: you will need to quickly register in-order to visit the chat rooms; this is free and very simple.

Just click the link below and then click the 'NEW MEMBER?' option when the next page comes up. MAKE SURE that you don't just type your details into the first page you come to; you must click 'new member' first, in-order to register. Also, make sure you have logged-in with your chosen Nickname within 24 hours of registering, or the name will be deleted.

You'll find when you actually get into Chat, that there are also many other different rooms to choose from, so it's definitely worth registering e.g. UK-based 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's, Singles, Gay, Teen, Music communities etc. Please be patient the first time you enter the Chat Rooms whilst the chat software applet loads.

Click here to join the Big Brother chat.

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