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Audition/ Apply For Big Brother 11

The time has come to apply for the last-ever series of Big Brother in the UK – Big Brother 11 – which will take place in the summer of 2010.

We've said it many times before, but the BBO staff would never apply to be a contestant on the show. We say that because if things don't go well for you, you could live to regret your decision to get involved.

We're thinking here that you may, for instance, not fit-in with the chosen contestant group and end-up continually rubbing your peers up the wrong way. Or, the show's producers might decide to exaggerate one of your character traits with their selective editing, and make you look like a right numpty/ boring fart/ total git etc.

And if you happen to get into in a huge argument, ally yourself to a hate figure, or say something really controversial, you may come across badly and spend the next few years trying to live it down.

For example, 'Nasty Nick' Bateman is still remembered for being a cheat and a bit of an a*se, ten years after he appeared on BB1, and sadly, the late Jade Goody never did live down all the bullying stuff that put the buffers on her lucrative career as a celebrity.

However, we suspect that the determined amongst you are unlikely to be put-off by that, and it's a good job too! After all, where would we fans be without the thousands of people prepared to be scrutinised by the nation for several months of the year?

And it looks like there are set to be tens-of-thousands of potential housemates auditioning this year, judging by the e-mails received so far, with fans keen to grab their last chance to be a part of Big Brother UK (because the show will end for good after BB11).

So, if you think you've got what it takes to leave behind your loved ones, your luxuries and the control of your own destiny this summer, let's move on to the procedure for getting-on Big Brother 11.

To apply for Big Brother in the UK, you used to have-to send an audition video-tape to the show's producers, who would sit and watch every single one. Then, it changed and you could audition by attending an open audition or by sending-in a video clip of yourself. For Big Brother 11, however, the ONLY way to put yourself forward is to audition.

There are 7 national open Auditions for 2010, down from 8 last year, and they start later than ever this time around, on Friday the 15th of January 2010. The final audition takes place on Sunday the 7th of February 2010.

So, there's no need to fill-out an application form yet, all you have to do is turn-up at an audition, queue with all the other potential candidates and then 'shine' when it comes to your turn. However, we can't be more specific about what that actually means, mainly because the producers always say that they don't have a set idea of what they're looking-for.

Personally, this year we think they need to go for more 'fun' characters, more opinionated/ feisty characters, some eccentrics/ weirdoes, less fence-sitters/ dullards, and absolutely NO glamour girls or fame-seeking wannabes whatsoever!

The only advice we can give you about auditioning is just to be yourself. If you put on an act – be it toning down your personality or exaggerating how much of a 'card' you are – the real you will inevitably come out over the weeks and you'll just get criticised for promising one thing and delivering another.

Feel free to take props to the audition or to dress-up in a bid to get noticed, but please be aware that you probably won't be the only guy wearing a Borat-style 'mankini', or the only girl wearing dental floss for a skirt! In other words, don't try too hard, because you could mark yourself out as a bit of a prat instead of an interesting character.

Good Luck if you decide to audition, and remember to keep in touch with BBO and let us know how you get on. Also, if you do make it into the Big Brother House, please put your family and friends in touch with Big Brother Online so that we can support you throughout the series.

Click here for a list of Audition Venues and Dates (Pop-up; see FAQ's below)

Click here to read our Big Brother 11 Audition 'Frequently Asked Questions'.

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