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You Ask: Where's BBO's 'Winner' Poll?

We started some new Polls on Friday night after Stephen and Sisqo were evicted, but we deliberately avoided asking 'Who do you want to Win CBB7'. However, some visitors to the Big Brother Online site have become a little confused by that, so we just want to re-iterate that a 'Winner' Poll is coming.

For now, we're running a hypothetical 'Bookies Faves' Poll, pitting Dane, Nicola and Vinnie against each other. We also have another Poll asking who your favourite housemate is in the last week of the game, and a third Poll asking whether you would watch Celebrity Big Brother next year if they were to bring it back.

The reason we haven't started a 'Winner' Poll yet, even though fans are now voting for a winner, is because we'd like to get an accurate idea of what will happen at the Finale. In-order for that to happen, we need you to come and vote in our main Poll after the 6th and 7th Evictees have left on Wednesday night (the 27th of January 2010).

So, please pop back any time after midnight on Wednesday, when the new Poll will go live on our Home page. You'll then have around 48 hours to vote for who you'd like to Win out-of the remaining (at that time) five finalists.

To clarify, our Polls are just for fun and if you wish to influence the actual public vote, you must call-in. Indeed, even though we don't personally get anything out if it, we're encouraging fans to register a number of votes if they're supporting the bookies' favourite – see here.

If you know of any other ardent Big Brother fans – perhaps family members, friends or colleagues – please let them know about our Polls, because the more votes, the merrier!

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