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You Are Now Voting For a WINNER!

It's Week 4 of Celebrity Big Brother 7, and here's a quick recap of what's happened so far in terms of the evictions:

Katia Ivanova became the 1st Evictee at the Double Eviction on Day 13, and was quickly followed out by Heidi Fleiss. A few days later, Lady Sovereign got the boot and became the 3rd Evictee, and last night – one week after Sov left the House – Stephen Baldwin became evictee No. 4, and Sisqo No. 5.

This leaves seven people in the game as we go into the final week, and fans are now voting for a Winner. That seven are: Alex Reid, Dane Bowers, Ivana Trump, Jonas Altberg, Nicola Tappenden, Stephanie Beacham and Vinnie Jones.

So, it's not about who you want to get shot-of anymore, but who you want to become the victor. And such 'positive' voting will likely weed-out the housemates that no-one is really bothered about first.

We're thinking here of the likes of Ivana, who only survived last night because fans basically didn't care enough about her to spend 50p voting her out. But will enough people want to spend 50p to help her win? We suspect not.

However, we're not going to try and guess 'who'll come where' in the last week, because if you were to ask us to predict the likely Winner at this stage, we'd have to hold our hands in the air and shrug. We say that because it all seems very close, and contestants that we would never have tipped before (such as Dane) are definitely in the running.

The great thing is that the unpredictability makes a gamble worthwhile, which in-turn would make the Finale night more interesting if you were on the edge of your seat clutching a betting slip!

So, if you fancy having a little bet on the possible outcome of the series, please visit our Betting Zone section where you can see how we've won nearly £300 so far, along with instructions on where to find the latest Big Brother odds.

Or, just click here to sign-up with Paddy Power right now and they'll match your first bet with a Free Bet (of up to £25), which is credited to your account. New customers can also get another Free Bet of £25 when they stake at least £25 with online bookie BlueSquare by clicking here.

Who wins? YOU decide!

Voting lines are now open and will remain-so until Friday night's Finale (the 29th of January 2010), however there'll be another Double Eviction before then, on Wednesday night, when lines will be frozen and the two people who've received the least number of votes will be sent home.

You can find the voting telephone numbers in another article from Week 4 of our CBB7 News section, or by clicking here.

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