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Who WINS Tonight? You Tell US!

Seriously, we have absolutely no idea who's going to win Celebrity Big Brother 7, so if you've come to the BBO site for the definitive answer, you've come to the wrong place!

We say that because it's all over the place this year: the internet Polls have constantly contradicted each other, and the bookmakers have had various contenders on a kind-of carousel, bringing them in-and-out of the running over the past two weeks, including the likes of Nicola and Sisqo.

Indeed, there have been no less than four Favourites since the series began just under a month ago; first it was Vinnie, then Sisqo became joint-favourite alongside him, then Dane moved into the lead, and most recently it has been Alex, who remains the favourite as we head towards the end.

About the five finalists, we won't go into the whys and wherefores of voting for each candidate, except to advise you to vote for whoever has made the most impact on you over the past 4 weeks; the person who's kept things going, got on with everyone, made you laugh, and without whom the show would have been a bit dull.

If you think Alex has been on a journey of self-discovery and will leave a changed man, just ignore the fact that he's a bit thick and is only famous due to his relationship with national hate figure Jordan, who he'll be going straight back-to as soon as he gets out (even though he said he was going into the House to get his own identity).

If you think Dane has shown that he's all-round decent guy over the past four weeks, ignore the fact that he's a bit bland and, some might say, up his own a**e.

If you think Jonas is a fun guy and you feel sympathy towards him because of his tourettes, perhaps you can ignore his apparent lack of loyalty to his girlfriend and excuse his frequently juvenile and prattish behaviour.

If you think that Stephanie is basically a nice old gal', don't listen to those who say that she's been rude and nasty to some of her peers.

And if you believe that Vinnie has been the biggest BB character, have loved his wit and enjoyed his status as the Daddy of the House, just ignore the tabloid accusations of bullying, which weren't backed-up by any of his peers (not even Sov).

Anyway, just to let you know who the bookies think is likely to win tonight, at the time of writing (late morning), Alex is the current favourite on odds of 4/11, Dane is second-favourite on 9/2, and Vinnie is third in the running on 5/1. A £25 bet on those three would make you a profit of around £9, £113 or £125 respectively if successful, plus your stake back.

To spice-up the Finale and place a little bet yourself, click here for links to the bookies, and find-out how you can get yourself a FREE BET of up to £25. It's quick-and-easy to place a bet online. Good Luck.

Who Wins? YOU decide!

Don't forget to tune-in to the two live Eviction shows on Channel 4 tonight, Friday the 29th of January 2010, if you want to influence the outcome of the Finale, be sure to register a vote or two for your favourite housemate/s. The voting telephone numbers can be found here.

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