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Vinnie's Bluster Put Down To Banter

Vinnie Jones' sarcasm and light-hearted digs have been put down to the fact that he has always been surrounded by workman-like banter.

Chatting to Vinnie's good pal Jeff Maysh on BBLB tonight (Monday 25th January 2010), host George Lamb suggested that the 'Snatch' star may have peaked too soon. However, in response his mate re-iterated that Vin is just being himself in the House and isn't putting-on any kind of act, nor playing a game.

When George suggested that Vinnie's cockiness might be getting out-of hand, Jeff reminded the badger-haired host that Vinnie used to work on building sites and was in various football teams before turning to acting, adding: "Banter is a massive part of his life".

The suggestion was that Vinnie's mickey-taking and regular joshing of his peers is all harmless stuff, and it's just what he's used-to in real life.

On the matter of his boasting, Jeff noted that Vinnie – who has been in over 40 films – is doing well for himself and is a big star in the USA, adding that he even helped build his LA pad himself and lives next door to Quentin Tarantino, so probably feels quite chuffed about how far he's come.

Some fans have defended Vinnie's behaviour, noting that he has working-class roots and, unlike some of his peers, has worked all of his life to earn everything he's got. Others have excused his apparent bragging by saying that it's a result of someone who came from nothing being fearful of losing it all.

We don't know, we're not psychologists. To be honest, we're not analysing Vinnie in that much detail, although some BB fans seem absolutely obsessed with bringing him down, in the same way that they were obsessed with defending Lady Sov.

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