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Vinnie Fans, Make Sure You Vote

Celebrity Big Brother 7 viewers are now voting for their Winner, and this is just a reminder to Vinnie Jones' fans that they shouldn't be complacent, thinking that he's got it in the bag already.

We say that (and we're writing this article about Vinnie and not someone else) because he's currently the bookmakers' favourite to win, and has been all series. So, some of his fans/ supporters may just sit back and not bother voting.

The danger is, that too many of his fans do that just because he's the favourite, and he ends-up not receiving enough votes to win.

This is really important because Channel 4 usually release percentages for all the finalists that don't up, but at the end of Big Brother 9 – once the figures had been weighted by us – the Finale result was something like this: Darnell 13.9%, Rex 17.9%, Sara: 18.6%, Mikey 20.1% (Runner-up), Rachel 22% (Winner).

So, even though everyone thought that Rachel would easily win, as you can see it was incredibly close in the end.

Multiple votes therefore can and do make a difference, and seeing as there's early indication that fans of Ivana/ Jonas/ Stephanie may swap their allegiance to the likes of Dane and Nicola, if Vinnie fans want the ex-footballer to win, they should definitely consider putting-in a good few votes for him now, and re-voting if he makes it to the Finale.

To re-iterate, we've only picked on Vinnie here because of his status as the series-long favourite, which means that he's got the most to lose if his fans sit back.

Anyway, whoever you're supporting, by registering a vote for your favourite contender you'll be doing your bit for charity too, as some of this week's voting revenue will go to the Haiti disaster fund.

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