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Davina Set To Enter BB House And Mingle!

Big Brother host Davina McCall has entered the Big Brother House before, usually just prior to all the contestants going-in, or right at the end of a series when she joins the Winner on the sofa. However, she has never gone into the House while the show is in full swing... until now!

For the first time ever, Davina will enter the House tonight and mingle with the housemates at a party. However, it's not quite what it seems, because they won't actually know it's her. Confused? Read on.

Big Bro is throwing an animal-themed party tonight, but the housemates are unaware that a Double Eviction is planned. At the party, the seven remaining housemates will be dressed-up in animal costumes and told that they're not allowed to speak to each other, just communicate by making animal noises.

So, the bash will be interrupted when one person gets evicted – the person who has received the least number of votes in the public vote at that point – who will then be kicked-out and interviewed by Davina as normal.

We have a feeling that it will be Ivana going first, and once she's gone her peers will possibly think that the evictions are over for today.

However, another person will be called to the Diary Room shortly afterwards – the person who's received the second-least number of votes in the public vote – and told that they've been evicted and that their game is over. They will then exit the Diary Room quietly and meet Davina.

Davina will quickly interview that 7th Evictee, but then don the same animal costume that they left the House wearing, and go back in their place. Genius!

So, say the second person to go is Stephanie, the five Finalists will believe that the actress has returned from a 15-minute chat with Big Brother, but in-fact, it will be the 42-year-old host dancing around and scoffing their nosh!

It has been suggested that the bubbly brunette might even stay for an hour or more, but the housemates are not allowed to find-out that it's her. We just hope Big Brother gives them some party games or something to do in-order to make it interesting. It should be fun to watch, whatever happens!

The only spanner in the works for this story, which is based on a strong rumour, is that Davina is supposed to be hosting 'Big Mouth' tonight. So, will someone take her place on that show, or will there be a double-bluff and it won't be her in the animal suit after all? You'll just have to tune-in to find-out!

Fans are now voting for their Winner. See here for more information and a link to the Voting Telephone Numbers.

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