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Dane: 'Jordan At The Finale Would Be The Worst Thing Ever'

With the series Finale just hours away, the finalists speculated this afternoon about the likelihood of Alex's girlfriend and Dane's ex-girlfriend Katie Price turning-up tonight.

"She ain't coming," said Dane confidently, before glancing at Vinnie in his black Trilby hat and adding: "I'll eat your hat if she turns up".

Vinnie, however, reckoned that the show's producers will have invited the glamour girl, who was recently declared the Most Hated Woman In Britain due to her acrimonious split with ex-husband Peter Andre and subsequent treatment of him.

Jonas wondered if Price, otherwise known as Jordan, would stand on the stage rather than just stay in the background, and to that Dane – who dated her in the late 1990's – remarked: "That'll be funny. Proper cheesy. The worst thing ever".

The former boyband member added that Alex needs to come out-of the House by himself, and told the 34-year-old muscleman: "I hope for your sake she doesn't (turn-up)". Vinnie clarified Dane's point by saying that the surgically-enhanced model would likely grab all the limelight.

"'I'm not worried about the limelight," replied the cross-dressing cage fighter, but then said quickly: "Saying that, why have I done this show?" The answer: to become his own man and get out-of her shadow and control.

A slightly naive Vinnie then suggested that Jordan may refuse to appear on the show, so-as not to take anything away from Alex. Um, no chance Vin; she has reportedly already said that she will appear on 'Big Brother's Big Mouth' (how appropriate?), but only if he wins tonight.

Meanwhile, Jordan apparently told the Daily Star newspaper that effectively she has won Celebrity Big Brother 7 because Alex and Dane would be nothing without her. Jeez! It's no wonder people begrudge Alex the win and say that a vote for him is a vote for Jordan.

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