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Celebrity Big Brother May Return

The current series of Celebrity Big Brother is supposed to be the last-ever short-format version of Big Brother in the UK. However, there's a glimmer of hope that it may return.

The whole Big Brother franchise was axed last year by Channel 4, who accepted that public interest had waned and promised to fill the airtime with some fresh programming. However, the success of CBB7 has not gone unnoticed.

On the Launch night, this year's show reached over half-a-million more fans than last year's Celebrity Big Brother did, gaining 6.2 million viewers versus CBB6's 5.6 million. It also beat the launch of last summer's main series by over a million viewers, as that reached just 5.1 million.

That's a substantial increase in interest, which can be put down to a combination of BB fans wanting to grab their last chance to watch CBB, but also down to the chosen contestant group this year.

As a consequence, long-time BB host Davina McCall recently called for the show to return in the future, which prompted us to run a Poll asking fans for their opinion.

In the Poll, 53% of voters said that they would watch Celebrity Big Brother next year if it was commissioned again, but indicated that they'd still be pining for the main three-month-long show. However, the latter will definitely be axed by Channel 4 when Big Brother 11 ends in the summer, and will not be returning.

39% of voters in the Poll would welcome a Celebrity BB series at the start of 2011, and would accept that the main summer show has been cancelled. These voters actually preferred the idea of just watching a month-long show in January, mainly because it frees-up their summer.

Just 8% of voters in the Poll reckoned that the show has had its day, and thought the whole Big Brother format should be scrapped in the UK.

Commenting on the possibility of CBB returning, a Big Brother insider told Sunday's Daily Star newspaper that the buzz around Celebrity Big Brother 7 has been too great for the show to be axed forever. "There is no way this is the end. It may be rested for a year or two, but it will definitely be back," said the source.

Fingers crossed, BB fans!

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