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6th Evictee: Ivana Trump

It was the third Double Eviction of the series tonight, but although the seven housemates were suspicious, they hadn't officially been told in advance that there'd be a mid-week eviction.

When Davina addressed the group to announce the next evictee, they were sat around wearing farmyard animal outfits (a set-up for Davina to go in), all except Ivana and Stephanie who were exempt for some reason.

Upon hearing the host's voice blare-out from the speakers, everyone stared at the floor in anticipation, before Davina announced that Ivana had become the 6th Evictee. The Czech-born socialite stood-up and smiled, before giving everyone 'air kisses' and saying, "Ciao".

Ivana was wished Good Luck as she headed for the door, carefully making her way up the stairs towards the exit. When the double doors opened, the 60-year-old blew kisses to the crowd and was met with a few boos, but mostly cheers. She walked slowly down the stairs to meet Davina, wearing a glamorous black outfit along with high-heeled shoes.

During her eviction interview, mega-rich Ivana said that she took a couple of days to settle-in, and declared that the hardest part of the experience was living in such small quarters for a prolonged period of time.

About her award, which was broken by Stephanie as part of a secret task, Ivana said that she genuinely wasn't bothered at the time because things can always be replaced.

On the subject of Vinnie, who she was chained-to for a day, Ivana told Davina that he's a nice guy, and confirmed that she welcomed him taking charge of the kitchen duties. She added that the pair got on well because, like her, he is organised.

Commenting on Jonas, Ivana said that she found him annoying at first, but came to understand him towards the end, and on muscleman Alex, Ivana admitted that she found him hot! When asked who she wants to win, Ivana named Vinnie Jones.

So, to quote the 6th Evictee's catchphrase, 'It is what it is'... and that's Game Over for her!

Ivana Trump received 5.74% in the public vote (to win) and was survived by six of her peers, although she was soon followed-out of the Big Brother House by 7th Evictee Nicola T.

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