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Who Goes Tonight? YOU Decide!

Tonight, either Lady Sovereign or Nicola Tappenden will be sent home at the third eviction of the series, having spent 16 days in the game.

When we announced the nominees on Saturday afternoon, we said that Sov will probably leave at the next eviction with around 60% in the public vote. However, perhaps we shouldn't underestimate the amount of support she has among the younger demographic?

Her supporters are willing to shrug-off her greed and petulance, and are quick to note that Vinnie (and others) have been nasty to the 24-year-old. They fail to see how Sov taking more than her fair share of food, gloating about it, wasting food and giving those she doesn't like 'the finger', could also be deemed nasty behaviour.

Indeed, that's what Dane called her yesterday, 'nasty'.

Also, Sov seems to encourage bad-feeling and bring it on herself with her deliberately-rebellious behaviour, like when she walked-out of a group meeting saying that she'd 'got the gist' of it. It's no wonder that the likes of Vinnie get wound-up by her, but the recent accusations of bullying by her supporters have been a step too far.

Vinnie is Top Dog – someone has to be – but would a bully have gone against the group's wishes and let Sov have that egg with her cooked breakfast? In making those accusations about Vin, her supporters have also forgotten that most of her peers nominated her, so are they all bullying the teenage-like Londoner?

No, they just don't care for her disrespectful and selfish behaviour.

Oh, and please don't accuse us of being biased in Vinnie's favour, as we're simply putting an opposing view forward (going by feedback from fans and the many e-mails we receive), because Sov's supporters have been ardently shouting about it on internet forums. The real targets of bullying have slammed such fans for watering down the term 'bully' by wheeling it out for someone they just don't like.

Anyway, thinking about fellow nominee Nicola, her crimes pale in comparison to Sov's (she's dim, and some fans think she's bitchy and goes between the groups). So, it stands to reason that Lady Sovereign will have more detractors, and as long as they actually pick-up the phone tonight, we can't see how the bolshy rapper can survive... unless her army of fans go crazy voting for Nic', that is.

Who stays, who goes? YOU decide!

Don't forget to tune-in to the two Channel 4 shows at 8pm and 10.20pm tonight to see who gets the chop. And if you think that Nicola might actually go, why not take the bookies latest odds of 9/2 on that outcome, where a £15 bet would win you a profit of nearly £70 if successful.

See our Betting Zone section for links to the bookies, and find-out how to get yourself a Free £25 Bet.

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