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Which Pair Will Go Tonight? YOU Decide!

Tonight, the 4th and 5th Evictions of Celebrity Big Brother 7 will take place, when two of the nominees – Ivana Trump, Sisqo and Stephen Baldwin – will leave the Big Brother House. If Ivana goes, she'll have spent 15 days in the game, and it will have been a 20-day stay for the other two.

To start with, let's consider who's most likely to be the first person booted-out, and that's born-again Christian Stephen.

The 43-year-old New Yorker has been quite an interesting (read: wacky/ annoying) character during his time in the House, but his constant Bible-bashing has worn both fans and his fellow contestants down. So, fans are likely to 'close the book' on him tonight for sure.

Ivana has to be next in the firing line, mainly because she hasn't really done much during her time in the House, but also because some fans don't like her superior attitude.

So, Sisqo will probably survive, and the fact that he has recently challenged Vinnie to a 'David vs Goliath' style battle to win the game may help his chances. The only caveat is that it's a 'negative' vote (fans are voting to get rid of someone), and we suspect that not many fans will be concerned enough about Ivana to vote her out. If that happens, and no-one bothers with Ivana, Sisqo could well be in trouble.

Just to re-iterate, once the evictions have taken place tonight, the phone lines will re-open and switch to positive voting, so fans will then be voting for a Winner.

As we said here a week-or-so ago, there'll be another eviction on Wednesday the 27th of January 2010 – the last one of the series – when one-or-two more housemates will go (it's currently undecided how many), the one/s who've received the least number of votes in the public vote at that point.

You have until around 9.30pm tonight, Friday the 22nd of January 2010, to register your vote/s in the Double Eviction. You can find the telephone voting numbers here.

Don't forget to tune-in to the two Channel 4 shows at 9pm and 10.35pm tonight to see who survives.

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