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Third Round Nominees/ Nominations In Detail

The third round of nominations took place live tonight (Monday the 18th of January 2010 - Day 16) during the second Channel 4 show of the evening, immediately after Sov's eviction. The nine remaining housemates entered the Diary Room in alphabetical order and were given 30-seconds each in-which to give their two nominations.

Here's who they all nominated and why:

Alex - Sisqo & Dane
Alex nominated Sisqo because he sees the Yank as a threat to his chances of winning, and nominated Dane because he's too nice and is hogging the kitchen.

Dane - Ivana & Stephen
Dane nominated Ivana because although she is a team player and tries hard, she moans a lot. He nominated Stephen for waffling on-and-on, saying, "I feel like half of my life is waiting for him to finish a sentence".

Ivana - Jonas & Stephen
Ivana nominated Jonas because he runs around naked, and nominated Stephen for breaking the rules in respect of talking to other housemates about nominations.

Jonas - Ivana & Sisqo
Jonas nominated Ivana because she complains too much, spends ages in the toilet and is a weak link in the tasks. He nominated Sisqo because he shows-off too much, doesn't help-out enough and is always talking about his own achievements.

Nicola - Stephen & Ivana
Nicola nominated Stephen because he's been annoying her and driving everyone up the wall, and Ivana because she 'faffs around a lot'.

Sisqo - Ivana & Alex
Sisqo nominated Ivana because he is tired of her bossing him around, although he did add that he likes her. The singer nominated Alex because he's tired of seeing him bully Stephen and Jonas.

Stephanie - Stephen & Ivana
Stephanie nominated Stephen because he has 'started playing games in all camps', and Ivana because she's struggling with the experience and needs to be released from her misery.

Stephen - Nicola & Dane
Stephen nominated Nicola because although she portrays herself as a sweet mummy, she is actually cunning and two-faced. He nominated Dane next, saying: "I really don't think he's that kind or compassionate," adding that Dane didn't handle the Sov situation well.

Vinnie - Sisqo & Alex
Vinnie nominated Sisqo because he didn't really get involved or help the group solve the problem regarding Sov's bad behaviour; Vin also suggested that the singer tries to keep in with the different camps. Vinnie nominated cage fighter Alex next, because his snoring is driving him mad and also because he consumes a lot of food (due to his fast metabolism/ muscle bulk).

So, the tally after the third-and-final round of nominations was: Ivana: 5, Stephen: 4, Sisqo: 3, Alex and Dane: 2 each, Jonas and Nicola: 1 each, Stephanie and Vinnie: none. It was the third time in a row that Vinnie had dodged nominations, the only housemate to remain nomination-free.

As there will be a Double Eviction on Friday the 22nd of January (the 4th and 5th Evictions), three housemates are 'up': Ivana, Sisqo and Stephen.

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