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Second Round Nominees Announced

It's all a bit unpredictable this series. The nominations normally occur on a Monday afternoon, but so far during Celebrity Big Brother 7, the first round has been on a Sunday and the second round took place today, on a Saturday.

What's also different is that Channel 4 are releasing the names of the nominees on the day of the actual nominations, so we don't have to tap-up our mole for the info.

Anyway, after the remaining ten housemates had nominated and been told the result via the opening of fortune cookies, the two facing eviction are: Lady Sovereign and Nicola Tappenden.

This is the second time that Sov has been 'up', and we suggested at the end of last week that fans had begun to tire of her brattish behaviour. Indeed, the 24-year-old very nearly got evicted last night. However, Sov is unlikely to survive this time around, despite the fact that she seems to think she's popular with fans now.

To be frank, glamour girl Nicola hasn't done much during her time in the Big Brother House, and we're struggling to comprehend why some fans think she could win the whole thing. However, she hasn't done much wrong either, so she is more likely to stay than Lady S.

We admit, Sov does have a core group of young and very vocal (on internet Forums) fans, but because there is 'negative' voting until the last week of the series – viewers vote for someone to leave, rather than vote for their favourite – Sov will definitely struggle and will probably be evicted with around 60% of the public vote.

To re-iterate, the 3rd Eviction will take place in just a couple of days time, on Monday the 18th of January 2010, and the voting lines will open during Sunday's 'Big Brother's Little Brother' show. So, you only have about 30 hours in-which to vote.

We'll detail the voting telephone numbers in our CBB7 News section as soon as the lines have opened. In the meantime, please vote in our Home page Poll relating to the 3rd Eviction, which will be changed late on Monday night after the eviction has taken place.

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