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Nominee Sisqo Challenges Vinnie

On Monday night, Sisqo became one of the three nominees facing the forthcoming Double Eviction. However, it seems that the short-stuff singer is taking it out on bookies' favourite Vinnie, and has gone as far as-to suggest that he could beat him in the game today.

Having previously moaned to Big Brother that it's not Vinnie's show, a tipsy Sisqo decided to tell some home truths tonight, and said to some of his peers that he would challenge the Hollywood Hardman in a 'David vs Goliath' style battle to win the show.

But as the '5 ft nothing' Yank was running his mouth, 6' 2" Vinnie returned from the Diary Room at just the right moment and exclaimed: "You're so busted". Oops!

There followed a group discussion about Vinnie's status as Top Dog, with Stephen playing devil's advocate and suggesting that Vinnie is very domineering. In response, the 'Snatch' star said that he didn't choose to be the boss, but just fell into that role by doing his own thing.

That's a very good point, as up until now they've just allowed him to take control, even restoring power back to Vinnie in terms of who runs the kitchen after a brief period with someone else at the helm. And as Nicola pointed-out today in his defence, if Vinnie hadn't taken control, someone else would have.

Later, in the bedroom, Dane mocked Sisqo, saying: "I think he's moaning about cheese in there," but actually, Sisqo was in the other room telling Nicola that Vinnie often takes cheese for himself. Vinnie just said: "Let him slag me off. I'll slag him off to the whole country".

To us, it just looks like Sisqo is throwing his toys out-of the pram, trying to discredit someone else to make himself look good, and ultimately looking for someone to blame for his possible demise on Friday (not that we think he will go). After all, Vinnie has received ZERO nominations, so they can't all be thinking the same as Sisqo.

On that note, if Sisqo has been feeling that way about Vinnie for a while, why didn't he nominate him at the most recent round of nominations, or any of the previous rounds, come to that?

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