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Is Nicola Really Popular?

In Week 2, we wrote this article asking if Lady Sovereign was popular, mainly because her fans were being extremely vocal on internet Forums in support of her. It turned-out that the support wasn't there in the end though, as she got kicked-out at the 3rd Eviction just five days later. Now we're wondering about Nicola...

We say that because the bookmakers currently have the Page 3 Girl as their second-favourite to win the show, but we can't really see much support for her in either Polls or Discussion Forums.

So, just after tonight's (Friday 22nd of January) Double Eviction – where Ivana, Sisqo and Stephen are up-against each other – we'll start a new Poll on our Home page asking who'd win in a straight eviction fight between Nicola and the bookies' favourite Vinnie (*see below).

Ten days ago, Vinnie accused the mum-of-one of travelling between the groups gossiping, but now they're friends and Nicola recently defended the ex-footballer for having assumed the role of Top Dog in the House.

Please visit our Home page at some point over the next few days and vote in the Poll, as although there's nothing really wrong with Nicola, she's not the most charismatic contestant and we're keen to find-out if fans actually like her, or are merely indifferent to her.

We'll also start a separate Poll featuring the remaining 7 housemates and asking 'Who's your favourite?' as we go into the final week of the game. If you have any comments to make regarding any of the remaining housemates, by all means send us an e-mail via the Contact Us link on our Home page.

Oh, and if you fancy backing Nicola to win by having a little flutter, you can currently get 4/1 on her with online bookmaker Paddy Power. So, a £15 bet would win you a profit of £60 (plus your stake back) if the WAG went all the way.

A £10 bet on Dane at the current odds of 13/2 would win you a potential profit of £65, on Alex it would win you profit of £80 (at 8/1), and on Jonas or Sisqo it would be £140 profit (at 14/1). Obviously, if you were to bet twice that amount on the person you think could win, your potential winnings would double too.

Please visit our Betting Zone section for links to the bookies and to find-out how to get yourself a FREE BET of up to £25. It's quick and easy to sign-up, and it makes the series arguably more fun if you've got a little something riding on it!

*Since we wrote this article, Dane – who recently said that his mate Vin deserves to win – moved-up into second place with the bookies. Therefore, the aforementioned Home page Poll now features Dane, Nicola and Vinnie.

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