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Fighting Talk

Hardman actor Vinnie Jones jokingly threatened to tear a few strips out-of cage fighter Alex Reid this afternoon!

When Alex talked about setting-up a fight evening for charity, Vinnie suggested that his younger peer should consider going up-against Lottery lout turned bare knuckle fighter Michael Carroll.

After acknowledging that the overweight Norfolk chav once fought Gladiator 'Rhino' in an unlicensed match, Alex said of Vin's suggestion: "I don't think that would be much of a fight Vin, would it?"

"No, but everyone would like to see him get hammered, wouldn't they? A real pasting," replied Vinnie, before revealing that he has been asked to fight volatile TV chef Gordon Ramsay for charity before.

However, the 'Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels' star said that he declined the fight because he quite likes the profanity-prone cook.

Alex questioned whether Ramsay would even be up for it, saying: "You're quite scary; you're the people's Champion," and in response Vinnie quipped: "That's the trouble. That goes against people, they've already lost. They're already on the floor".

During the conversation, Alex stated that he would like to fight retired and undefeated boxing Champion Joe Calzaghe for charity, but was keen to point out that it would have to be a Mixed Martial Arts match. "I'm not boxing him. I think I'll give that one a miss!" laughed the muscleman, knowing that he wouldn't stand a chance.

Vinnie, who qualified as being Welsh in-order to captain the national football team, then said to Alex of Calzaghe, "He's a nice geezer... a fellow Welshman son. Be careful what you say, or I might have to loosen you up a little bit for him!"

Everyone laughed at Vinnie's comment, including Alex.

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