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Davina McCall: 'Keep The Celebrity Version Going'

Long-time BB host Davina McCall has backed calls for Celebrity Big Brother to continue in the future.

CCB7 is the last-ever 'celebrity' version of the show, as the Big Brother format comes to an end in the UK this summer. This is because Channel 4's agreement with programme-maker Endemol finishes after Big Brother 11, and as yet, no other broadcaster has come forward to rescue the show.

However, in light of the current series of Celebrity BB, which has been a great success, various celebrities and even some critics have suggested that perhaps Channel 4 should consider licensing (just) the celebrity version of the show and keeping it going.

Having followed the show for 10 years, here at Big Brother Online we wholeheartedly agree, and feel that although some people say the summer version has run its course, the celeb version definitely has legs.

We say that because Reality TV fans love watching ITV's 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!' because it's not too long; they can get into it, enjoy it for a few weeks and move-on to watch something else.

Conversely, it's getting harder and harder for the show's producers to sustain the momentum of a main summer series of Big Brother, and it can drag.

If you recall, Big Brother UK originally started-out being 9 weeks long and grew from there, but we've been saying for ages that 13 weeks is just too long. The current celebrity version of the show lasts for 4 weeks.

Davina McCall, who has hosted the show since it began in the year 2000, commented on 'This Morning': "I think Celebrity Big Brother has got legs and I think it would sit comfortably on another channel and do quite well. But I don't know whether that would be in a couple of years or... who knows what will happen?"

The bubbly 42-year-old also suggested that she would follow the show to another TV channel, depending how it gets produced etc.

We sincerely hope 'the powers-that-be' in TV Land give the idea some serious consideration, as although it would be great for the show to go out on a high, it would be crazy to let something that the public still want to watch come to a premature end.

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