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Dane Freaks-Out In Nightmare Drama

Dane Bowers once recorded a song with the lyrics 'I wanna' get freaky with you', but tonight he freaked-out during his sleep. And when we say that he freaked out, we mean that he COMPLETELY FREAKED OUT!

Lying on his bed at around 12.15am, the former boyband member was half-asleep when all-of-a-sudden he jumped-up and screamed: "Yeeaargh. F**k," literally at the top of his voice.

A startled Sisqo jumped out of his own bed exclaiming: "What the f**k?", as a sleepy-headed Alex immediately got up and adopted a fighting stance, the professional fighter wondering what the hell was going on.

Dane quickly exited the bedroom to catch his breath and get some fresh air, but he banged a leg on his bed in doing-so. A concerned Alex, Jonas, Nicola, Sisqo and Stephen then quizzed the 30-year-old about what had happened, but he couldn't speak and rushed over to the kitchen sink to get himself a drink of water.

Looking visibly shaken, Dane eventually explained that he'd had a kind-of waking nightmare, brought-on by thinking about different endings to the horror movie Paranormal Activity.

"I swear to God... I honestly felt like someone was squeezing my knee," said Dane, adding that he was dreaming about being dragged off his bed. Nicola gave her pale-faced peer a much needed hug, as Jonas declared: "There's something going-on in the bedroom, man".

Once Dane had calmed down, a bemused Jonas laughed at how unbelievably loud Dane's scream was, and Sisqo – who was asleep in the bed next to Dane at the time – suggested that Dane's scream had made him scrabble into the air, cartoon style.

Of course, it goes without saying that the incident gave God-botherer Stephen the perfect opportunity to suggest that once he's gone, things will get worse, hinting that evil powers are at work in the House. Gordon Bennett!

But tonight's drama was not what it seemed, as the whole thing was staged by Dane in-order to complete a secret task and win a replacement key for the one Sov stole (despite the fact that Channel 4 specifically told us this wouldn't happen).

Anyway, good effort Dane. It certainly made us jump!

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