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Vinnie Challenges Alex Over Cross-Dressing Persona

Vinnie has challenged Alex about all the stuff in the tabloid newspapers saying that he likes to cross-dress, and suggested that he hasn't been defending his own image properly.

Discussing all the press coverage that the cage fighter has received since shacking-up with never-out-of-the-papers model Katie Price, Vin basically accused his younger peer of attempting to grab headlines by making himself sound more interesting.

"Are you worried that if you don't say you're a cross-dresser and all that, you won't be front page?" asked Vinnie, but in response Alex claimed that he doesn't want to be on the front page of the tabloid newspapers.

"Well stop saying it, dude," snapped Vinnie, which prompted Alex to admit that he'd like to get on the front page for doing something great, but not for being a cross-dresser.

During a previous Vinnie grilling, the 34-year-old stated that he only did it for a laugh and not because he enjoys it, and claimed that the Press somehow got hold of the story. Um, we wonder which publicity-hungry glamour girl was responsible for that? Ahem.

Back to today's conversation, and Vinnie continued to challenge the musclebound Hampshire lad, saying: "What I'm saying is, you're not really defending it, you know what I mean? We've all cross-dressed because we've been to fancy dress do's, but we don't all come out and say we're cross-dressers".

When it was suggested by Alex that he hadn't been responsible for perpetuating the cross-dressing stories himself, Vinnie advised him to stand his ground. In other words, 'Don't let girlfriend Jordan say things to the press that you don't want published'.

This helps to prove that, despite all the joshing and banter, Vinnie possibly has a little bit of respect for Alex, someone who clearly looks up to him (remember, Vinnie didn't nominate Alex at the First Round on Sunday, and vice versa).

A minority of fans have seen it a different way and accused Vinnie of bullying Alex; others have pointed-out that Alex is well used to the vicious rough-and-tumble of fighting burly blokes, so he's quite capable of standing up to Vinnie if he wants to.

We're in the latter camp.

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