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Non-participating Celebs Criticise CBB7

A number of celebrities not participating in this year's show have come out-of the woodwork to diss' it.

For instance, Sir Paul McCartney's one-legged 'ex' Heather Mills felt the need to say on GMTV recently that she would rather scrub the streets with a toothbrush than appear on the show.

As far as we know, the 41-year-old wasn't linked with a possible appearance this year, but Heather claimed she was offered hundred-of-thousands of pounds to appear on CBB7.

If true, that would probably have turned-out to be a bad investment for Channel 4, because public hate-figure Mills would almost-certainly have been the first housemate kicked-out by the public.

Androgynous 1980s pop star Boy George, who was banged-up last year for chaining someone to his bed, also went on record this week to say that he was 'grateful' he missed-out on the opportunity to appear.

The gay DJ was set to become a housemate in the last-ever series of Celebrity Big Brother, but a Judge wouldn't allow it because George was still on probation. Sour grapes, anyone?

Pamela Anderson is another celebrity seemingly trying to get some publicity out-of the show, having posted online saying that the rumours of her possible appearance on Celebrity Big Brother 7 were 'bizarre'. Furthermore, the former Baywatch star added: "I've absolutely never considered such a thing".

The thing is, our mole tells us the surgically-enhanced blonde was in talks with the producers about becoming a contestant, but talks broke down when she insisted that she would only appear if her former partner and sex-video star Tommy Lee signed-up too. So, who do you believe?

Other celebs who were apparently in talks with the show's producers before the series began include tubby TV astrologer Russell Grant, former Hollyoaks actor Paul Danan, and controversial snooker player Ronnie O'Sullivan.

None of them have come forward to deny it or criticise the show though... yet!

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