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Is Lady Sovereign Actually Popular?

We've been wondering for a few days if Lady Sovereign, or 'Sov' as she likes to be known, is actually popular with fans.

No offence to the 24-year-old rapper, but we'd never heard of her before she walked into the Big Brother House around 10 days ago. And chances are that you hadn't either, because our recent Poll indicated that most fans recognised less than half of the Celebrity Big Brother 7 contestants.

Indeed, the results of the Poll, which asked: 'How many of the original "celeb" housemates would you have recognised if you'd met them?', was:

Just 1 or 2 - 17%
Between 3 and 5 - 49%
Between 6 and 8 - 28%
9 or 10 of 'em - 5%
All 11 - 1%

Here at BBO, we put our heads together and still only managed to click the '6 to 8' option, and as you can see from the above results, hardly anyone would have recognised all of them if they'd appeared in a line-up pre-CBB7.

Anyway, we digress, as the original point we wanted to make was that Sov seems quite popular on internet forums, yet the bookies currently have her as the 5th-favourite to win.

So, we've just started a new Poll on our Home page, asking: 'If Sisqo, Sov and Vinnie were to become the last three housemates, who would you want to Win?'. Please come and vote in the Poll. Unfortunately, you can't discuss Sov's good and bad points, as our own Discussion Forum won't return until the summer (subject to demand).

By the way, we're not taking anything away from Lady S here; if she's set to win, that's fine. There's nothing wrong with her after all (especially compared to some housemates), but we just wonder if she promised a lot with her jaunty baseball cap, messy style and pseudo bad-girl image, but in reality she's a bit ordinary. Feel free to Contact Us using the link on our Home page and let us know your thoughts.

Lastly, seeing as she's currently being offered at 10/1 with Paddy Power, Sov could be worth backing to Win with a little bet, just in case the bookies have got it wrong. It does happen.

At those odds, a stake of £15 would win you a profit of £150 (plus your stake back) if she goes all the way, and a £50 stake would net you a sizeable £500 profit. The betting is still reasonably close though, as Sisqo is currently on 9/2, Basshunter is on 7/1 and Stephanie is 8/1. So, if successful, a £20 bet would net you £90, £140 or £160 profit respectively. Worth a punt? BTW, Vinnie is the current favourite, being offered at 11/10 at the time of writing.

It's quick-and-easy to place a bet online and you can get yourself a FREE £25 BET in the process, with no catches. See our Betting Zone section for more details.

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