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Davina Comes To Terms With BB's Demise

Big Brother UK host Davina McCall claims that she has now got over the fact that the show will be ending this year, but has re-iterated that she was bowled-over by the news.

When Channel 4 announced last summer that they wouldn't be renewing their deal with programme-makers Endemol to broadcast the show after 2010, the 42-year-old was gutted.

However, talking to New magazine about the demise of the show, Davina said recently: "I was sad but I've done my grieving. I've had months to chew it over and think about life after Big Brother. It's nice that they gave us a year's notice".

Davina also commented on the flak that the show has received over the years, suggesting it's amazing the format lasted so long (11 main series, including the forthcoming one) given all the criticism it's had.

But there are signs that the shouty brunette hasn't fully come to terms with the fact that the show will end for good in September, as she recently told Stylist magazine: "I feel hugely nostalgic. I've got my head around it but I was flabbergasted when they told me, because I know they still make a lot of money when it's on".

"I've got no idea why Big Brother became an enfant terrible of TV, because it's a brilliantly, skilfully-put-together piece of entertainment, and the people who criticise it haven't really watched it."

As well as being the well-paid and popular host of Big Brother since it began in 2000, Davina has tried other things over the years, such her own BBC1 chat show and a Saturday night show called 'He's Having a Baby'. However, both were badly received by audiences and critics.

Indeed, after ten years presenting Big Brother, Davina has become synonymous with the show and it will undoubtedly be hard for her to match the success she's had with it and move-on to something else.

A bit previous maybe, but we wish Davina luck with her future career, and genuinely hope that she doesn't disappear and resign herself to motherhood (pretty unlikely, given how loud she is! - Ed).

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