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Ivana Trump Appears During Magic Trick

As we reported would happen earlier today, multi-millionaire socialite Ivana Trump arrived in the Big Brother House tonight during the cabaret show, much to the surprise and amazement of the whole group.

Having been practising all afternoon, Heidi, Jonas, Katia and Nicola performed the Can-can and Stephanie performed her comedy routine. Then Vinnie and Stephen performed their ventriloquist act.

With Steve sat on Vin's knee and dressed-up as a bunny, he managed to match Vinnie's speech well with his exaggerated mouth movements. However, the act itself was poor, particularly Vinnie's gags, which were bleedin' awful.

Next, Dane took on the role of Kylie Minogue wearing a blonde, curly wig, and Alex took the role of Jason Donovan, the pair giving a tuneless rendition of 'Especially For You'. Dane sang in a grating high-pitched tone and Alex sounded like Chico-gone-wrong when he first started singing. Indeed, Lady Sov looked horrified at the pair's performance!

Then came time for The Great Sisqo to perform some magic, which involved making his glamorous assistant Sov disappear and then reappear again. It has to be said that Sisqo looked cool, even dressed in a sparkly coat and sporting a curly moustache, and the entertainer put on a realistic performance.

Even his 'magic word' had added flamboyance, the 31-year-old eschewing the usual Abracadabra, Pif-paf-poof or Hey presto, for the rather more unique 'Ting-a-ling-a-ling, (the) school bell ring, booyaka booyaka, aye'.

But when it came time to bring back Sov from his special box, it wasn't the Grime artist standing there, but Ivana, who exclaimed: "Surprise!" And it certainly was a big surprise, although a slightly baffled Sisqo kept-up his act, declaring: "You see, I really am a magician".

Ivana – who is now a bona fide housemate and is eligible to win – soon settled-in and stayed-up late, although she pretty-much talked about herself for the rest of the evening.

Initially, some members of the group were concerned that they may have lost Lady Sovereign for good, but they needn't have worried, as the 24-year-old was soon reunited with everyone having been put back in the Diary Room by Big Bro.

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