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Celebrity Big Brother 7 Betting, January 2010

We made a total of £509 during Celebrity Big Brother 7. We hope you did okay if you had a little bet too during the series.

Friday 29th January 2010 (Day 27)
We'd considered backing Vinnie earlier in the series, but by the time we seriously thought about it his popularity was on the wane. So, we held-off until the last day, when we stuck £400 on Alex Reid to win at the low odds of 4/11 because he was top of the Polls by miles. Normally, we would have put staked quite a lot more cash at that stage and at those odds, but given that Alex wasn't even in the running just a week before the Finale, we didn't want to risk a large bet. Anyway, we made nearly £150 profit when Alex was crowned the Winner later that day, beating Runner-up Dane by over 17% in the public vote. Result: £145 profit.
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Wednesday 27th January 2010 (Day 25)
Fans were voting for their Winner, and on the Monday we thought about backing Ivana Trump to be first to go at the last Double Eviction of the series, feeling that she would probably have the least support in a 'positive' public vote. We held-off placing a bet, but because Ivana's odds hadn't gone down any further by the day of the eviction, we decided to stake £300 on her at the low odds of 1/3. The bet came good when Ivana became the 6th Evictee, leaving with just 5.74% (to win) and netting us a profit of £100 (plus our stake back). Result: £100 profit.

Wednesday 20th January 2010 (Day 18)
It was another Double Eviction, but this time around we didn't feel confident enough to guess which pair would go. However, it seemed obvious that God-botherer Stephen Baldwin would be first on the public's hit list, so we staked £400 on him to become the 4th Evictee at the low odds of 2/7. This won us a profit of £114 when he was first to go on the Friday night, having received 50% in the three-way vote.  Result: £114 profit.

Sunday 17th January 2010 (Day 15)
We'd announced the nominees the day before, and said that Lady Sovereign would probably get evicted with about 60%. So, we put our money where our mouth is and backed her to go next with a £200 stake. The odds were a really low 1/4, so bookies were already on to the probability of her demise, but we won £50 when Sov left with nearly 70% in the public vote.  Result: £50 profit.

Wednesday 13th January 2010 (Day 11)
The three nominees had been announced at the weekend, and by Wednesday it seemed obvious that Katia Ivanova would definitely go and that Heidi Fleiss would probably join her. So, we placed a bet on that duo in the Double Eviction market with Paddy Power, staking £200 at low'ish odds of 1/2. This won us a profit of £100 (plus our stake back) when that pair went, although the bet very nearly went wrong because Sov was just 1% away from replacing Heidi. Phew!  Result: £100 profit.

Big Brother 10 Betting, Summer 2009

We'll link to all our Big Brother 10 betting shortly, and let you know how we made well over £1500 during the series.

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