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Where's The Support For Verne?

With just hours to go until someone is crowned the Winner of Celebrity Big Brother 6, we've been wondering: where's all the supposed support for Verne Troyer?

We say that because the little fella is the bookmakers' favourite to win, and has been for some time. So, the bookies seem convinced that Verne has it in the bag, and his 'odds-on' status reflects the fact that they don't think anyone else can do it.

Indeed, if you ask people on the street who they think will win CBB6, they often say Verne or Terry, but the strange thing is that we can't find many 'Who do you want to win?' Polls on the internet that have Verne at the top.

Admittedly, the different fansite Polls are all over the place, with many listing Terry at the top (like ours), and some showing Ulrika as the most popular Finalist. So, are the polls, which haven't polled as many people as they normally would have, anywhere near accurate?

In other words, are the bookies hyping Verne in-order to make a profit, or does the average man/ woman in the street really want the actor to win?

Okay, so a lot of people will know Verne from his role as 'Mini-Me' back in 1999 and 2002, but he's not exactly well-known in the UK for doing anything else. And although he has been on a couple of humorous 'drunken scooter rampages' while in the House, Verne has also become very sullen and snappy afterwards, revealing something of a Jekyll and Hyde side to his character.

30 and 40-something British viewers will know encyclopaedic Terry Christian for hosting 'The Word' in the 1990's, and everyone knows Ulrika – who has effectively survived five evictions if you think about it – from her start as a TV weather girl, through her 'Gladiators' and 'Shooting Stars' days, to the autobiography/ John Leslie scandal.

Coolio's heyday may have been over 10 years ago, but he has been a combination of funny, entertaining and controversial during the series according to many fans. And although Ben isn't exactly well-known and hasn't really done much, presumably he is eye candy for the female viewers and is undeniably a genuine, nice bloke.

What we're trying to say is that although we don't begrudge him the win, we can't see why fans would automatically choose Verne to win over the others; he doesn't seem like the obvious, stand-out choice to us. We've heard some BB fans referring to him 'cute', but although Verne is tiny, perhaps they forget that he's an oft-cynical 40-year-old man, not a baby!

Anyway, if you fancy a little flutter on the outcome of tonight's Finale, you can currently get the following odds on the five contenders: Verne - 2/5, Terry - 11/4, Coolio and Ulrika 12/1, and Ben - 33/1. So, a £25 bet on each one would make you £10, £69, £300, £300 and £825 profit respectively (plus your stake back) if you win.

Obviously, it would pay to put a lot more on Verne of you really think he'll do it; for instance a £100 stake would net you £40 profit, whereas £1000 would get you £400 etc. That might be a bit too risky for most people, but the others are not bad bets if you just want to take a punt and make tonight's Finale a bit more interesting to watch.

Anyway, to check-out the latest odds, place a bet and get yourself a FREE Bet of up to £25, click here and head for the Novelty Bets section on the left. You can also get another Free bet from another bookie by clicking the relevant link in our Betting Zone section.

Good luck if you do decide to have a little gamble.

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