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Ulrika And Coolio In Racism Controversy

If we were allowed just one word to describe Celebrity Big Brother 6 finalist Coolio, it would have to be 'controversial'. He's already been warned for using the 'n' word, dressed down for communicating by writing on a table, and told-off for talking about nominations. Now, he's been accused by fans of being racist.

Viewers have kicked up a stink about the fact that during a chat with Terry in the early hours of Thursday morning, the rapper commented that Ulrika doesn't like him or La Toya.

In light of La Toya's eviction having received insufficient support in the public vote to carry her to the Final, the 45-year-old said: "Every time she (La Toya) spoke, Ulrika had something to say... I started thinking why doesn't she (Ulrika) like Toya... we're the only two black people?"

The footage was not shown, or rather the sound wasn't broadcast, but some fans managed to lip-read what the rapper said and posted on internet forums, accusing him of being racist himself.

However, Channel 4 have been keen to point-out that the comment wasn't broadcast so it's not a matter for Ofcom to look into, and also that Coolio didn't actually accuse Ulrika outright of being a racist, as some fans have suggested.

Of course, this all stems from his own paranoia and the fact that Coolio simply doesn't like Ulrika, someone who didn't nominate him once throughout the series. Actually, she only nominated La Toya once, during the 1st Round proper.

So, there's absolutely no evidence that Ulrika – who dated black footballer Stan Collymore back in the late 1990's – has made any racists comments or acted in a racist way. It's just Coolio being a prat, running his mouth and well, being controversial!

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