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Surprise 3rd Eviction Tonight

After Friday night's 2nd Eviction, Davina stated that there would be a surprise eviction on Monday night, and that's precisely what's going to happen tonight. However, the remaining eight housemates are unaware that anything is going on.

Anyway, here's how it will go:

During the first live show at 8pm on Channel 4, viewers will see the usual highlights catch-up footage, then right at the end of the show Davina will interrupt the housemates to spring the surprise on them.

The group has been set a mini-task today, to make a movie of their time in the Big Brother House, and the premiere will take place during the aforementioned first show. Indeed, they will be busy watching themselves on the plasma screen, so won't be expecting Davina McCall to suddenly pipe-up and announce an imminent eviction.

So, Davina will tell them who's up for eviction – which was decided by a normal round of nominations yesterday – and make the group sweat for an hour before she reveals who the 3rd Evictee is during the second live show at 10pm.

Given the circumstances it should come as huge surprise, even if they've been suspecting a mid-week eviction in this final week of the game. Remember though: Big Brother reserves the right to change things at the last minute, so don't blame us if the eviction doesn't happen exactly like we said it would!

Don't forget to tune-in to Channel 4 at 8pm and 10pm tonight, Monday the 19th of January 2009, to see how it goes and to find-out if anyone else quits because they didn't get evicted, like Mutya did last Friday.

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