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Second Round Nominees Announced

Another round of nominations took place yesterday, and a rumour spread around the internet this morning that Coolio and Ulrika were set to face the 'surprise' eviction tonight. Not so!

If that pair had faced eviction, it would surely have been a landslide in favour of punting Coolio 'out the door? However, the 3rd Eviction should be a little less predictable given that the nominees are actually:

Michelle Heaton and Ulrika Jonsson.

Judging by our recent 'Who do you want out next?' Poll (which featured all the remaining housemates), the result should be something like 45/55% in favour losing Michelle. However, that Poll was hypothetical and things can even be reversed when fans actually get the chance to oust a particular housemate.

So, will fans help third-time nominee Ulrika out; someone who's been biding her time in the House just to earn her (massive) fee, and is apparently desperate to get home to her four kids? Or will they send Michelle home for being so dull and blubbing all the time?

Who goes? YOU decide!

We won't be detailing the voting telephone numbers in our Celebrity Big Brother 6 news section this evening due to the very short window of opportunity for voting; they will, of course, be given during the C4 shows though. In the meantime, please go and vote in our Home page Poll related to the 3rd Eviction, which is just for fun.

Tune-in to tonight's two Channel 4 shows to see which one of the nominees survives and who gets the boot.

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