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Michelle Appears On BBBM

Shortly after her eviction tonight, Michelle appeared on 'Big Brother's Big Mouth' as a guest.

During the show, an audience member claimed that Michelle's ejection was La Toya's fault for going around saying that she had a gameplan. However, the surprised evictee laid the blame on Coolio, stating that he was a huge force in the House and so ultimately La Toya just did what he said.

About the rapper, Michelle added, "He's not all that bad; there are two sides to him," continuing, "But he's playing a game to win, and if playing a game to win means you that you have to intimidate people and make them feel uncomfortable, then (he doesn't) deserve to win".

Another audience member picked Michelle up on her view about the nominations which put her in the firing line, suggesting that it was La Toya planting the seeds with Coolio, not the other way around. This prompted the response: "What a cow!"

When asked by an audience member who she will be staying in-touch with on the outside, the 3rd Evictee answered: "Ben and Ulrika, and Mutya". However, she denied that there was anything between her and Ben, putting the pair's closeness down to the fact that they bonded well and could share a good laugh.

The 28-year-old did concede that she would have fancied Ben five years ago, but confirmed that she's 'got her man now' and so isn't interested in Ben in that way. "I haven't done anything wrong in there... I am that wet and I cry all the time, so its no gameplan," she concluded.

So, Michelle claims that she had no agenda or gameplan while in the House, but some of her peers, and also some viewers, have begged to differ. Please see the relevant article from Day 18 of our Celebrity Big Brother 6 news section for more information.

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