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Did Michelle And Ben Have A Gameplan?

It has been suggested by housemates and fans alike that Michelle and Ben colluded to try and gain public support. Shock horror!

Their fellow housemates reckon that the pair – who share the same agent – tried to get a fake romance going in-order to become the talking point of the series. However, they're too dull and weren't able to pull it off, not that we're saying it's a fact (the gameplan that is; no-one can deny that they're both dullards!)

Ben and Michelle's peers have also accused the latter, who's just been evicted, of having a Plan B; to deliberately accuse Coolio of bullying her and then milking it gain attention and hog the limelight. Indeed, cynical fans have e-mailed us on the same note, accusing Michelle of trying to 'do a Shilpa' and gain sympathy.

It was La Toya who first starting throwing stones, saying that Michelle was using Coolio to try and win, by running-off to the Diary Room every time he spoke to her. Meanwhile, Coolio accused Ben of knowing more about Michelle than he was letting on, and Terry came up with the 'fake Big Brother romance' notion.

That wouldn't exactly be unknown though; in fact, CBB4 winner Chantelle Houghton later all-but admitted that her romance during the 2006 series and subsequent marriage to fellow contestant Samuel Preston was ultimately a sham.

So, back to CBB6, and did the twenty-something pair think-up the whole 'flirting and giggling' thing before they entered the Big Brother House just over two weeks ago?

YOU decide!

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