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Verne Ram-Raids The Diary Room!

A drunken Verne deliberately drove his scooter straight into the Diary Room door tonight. Crikey!

Earlier in the day, Big Brother had had enough of the constant bickering from all the housemates, so the all-seeing entity set them a challenge: to not argue, whinge or moan for a period of one hour.

If they could meet the challenge, the group were promised one token, some bottles of champagne and fizzy pop, plenty of party food, music played into the House, packets of ciggies and, last but not least, messages from home for everyone.

The nine housemates agreed that the best way forward was to keep schtum and try not to speak at all, although obviously Coolio struggled with this somewhat. Still, they managed not to argue for the full 60 minutes, so received their reward in the evening as promised.

When it came time to hear the messages from home, Tina got emotional reading-out a message of love and support from La Toya's Mum and Dad, and Ulrika read a message from Michelle's beau, basically saying that he doesn't have a problem with her and Ben's friendship.

Verne was the last one to receive his message, but the tipsy Mini-Me actor began driving around-and-around the gaff before flirting with the girls and slurring his words... it doesn't take much to get you sozzled when you're only 2 ft 8 in tall!

After hearing a message of love and support from his parents, the little guy continued to flirt with his female peers, but he got annoyed when Big Brother kept calling him in for a chat, mid flow.

So, the sometime stuntman got in his yellow buggy, went for a little spin and eventually headed for the Diary Room, saying to Coolio, "Watch this," before deliberately driving straight into the inner door at full speed!

Hilarious. No wonder he's the favourite to win.

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