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Tommy Advises Pal Coolio To Grow Up

The last two housemates to stay up, pals Tommy and Coolio had a serious man-to-man chat in the early hours of Thursday morning.

During their little conflab, politician Tommy cited the gangster movie Carlito's Way to make his point, which was basically that the Gangsta's Paradise singer should grow-up, act his age and be less confrontational.

This came after Coolio admitted that he got into a fight in the street trying to prove himself in front of his son, something he later regretted. "You know what it was? (I was) frustrated about other things in my life," explained the 45-year-old.

And talking about frustration, the subject soon turned to the rather more blokey subject of sexual frustration, with Coolio – who admitted that he hasn't been aroused once since entering the Big Brother House – concerned that his own 'mini me' had stopped working!

Tommy used it as an excuse to say (yet again) that he doesn't fancy any of the female contestants, before stating that La Toya is probably the best of the bunch, despite the fact that there was a young glamour model in the House for the first week of the show.

Coolio replied: "I'm happy that I'm not attracted to nobody here too," but that hasn't stopped him flirting with some of the girls along the way. Ahem.

Bizarrely, Tommy then described himself as something of a 'male ho' in his younger days, going-on to suggest that he had a kind-of Playboy lifestyle. Erm, o-kay.

"I used to have targets, you know: how many girls can I sleep-with in one day?," added the none-too-good-looking Scot.

But with the topics of libido, 'birds and sexual conquests out-of the way, the conversation turned once more to life in general, with Coolio saying that he regretted not being there for his six kids, and vowing to settle down and make things work with his 30-something girlfriend when he gets out.

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