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Tina Explodes At Coolio

Around midday today, Tina, Mutya and Ulrika were chatting about how Coolio is an ar*e (and Verne can be horrible too), but Tina flipped when the obnoxious rapper tried to dominate the compilation of the shopping list.

Coolio had written-out the list himself, but said that Tina and Ulrika shouldn't take it to the Diary Room because they wouldn't be able to read his writing. However Tommy, who Coolio had asked to deliver the list to Big Brother, re-iterated that the rapper didn't trust the girls, which understandably incensed them.

"You don't trust a woman?" challenged Ulrika, prompting the nearby Coolio to spit: "Hell, no".

Upon hearing his misogynistic comment, Tina had to bite her tongue, but it didn't take long for the mouth-almighty Shameless star to explode, the final straw being when Coolio insisted that one of the guys should do it.

With widened eyes, Tina balled: "Hang on a minute Coolio, it's not your decision. I don't have to listen to you, AT ALL".

When Coolio headed for the Diary Room, Tina had a cuppa' to try and calm herself down, and then told Terry, "I'm absolutely fine, I just won't be told what to do in 'me own home... a shared home".

However, the 46-year-old continued to rant about her American peer's behaviour, before visiting Big Brother to say that Coolio shouldn't speak to people in that aggressive and arrogant manner.

Out in the garden, Coolio dubbed his equally mouthy peer a 'bowling ball on legs' while chatting to pal Terry, but the situation wasn't actually resolved and Verne predicted that there would be plenty of friction to come.

Great, that's what we wanna' see!

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