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Toy Task Failed

The group received the result of the latest shopping budget task this evening, and it wasn't good news...

In order to pass his 'secret' part of the task, Ben – who'd been dressed-up as a toy dinosaur – had to scare one of his peers. The one-time pin-up succeeded in his mission by hiding behind a chair and jumping-out on Ulrika. Yay!

And talking of Ulrika, she did well too, when, dressed as a toy Native American, she successfully hit a target using her bow and arrow.

La Toya and Mutya had to perform on a giant roll-out piano, just like Tom Hanks did in the 80's film 'Big', and the musical duo were note perfect with their rendition of 'Heart and Soul'.

Michelle and Verne didn't fare so well though, having dressed-up as toy bears and been required by Big Brother to eat only honey. However, the sweet stuff gave the former housemate wind, and so it proved too much of a challenge and the pair consequently incurred a fail.

The housemates were permitted to incur two fails between them, but despite Tina's confidence that her and Terry's ballerina performance would receive more website hits than Ulrika and Verne's recent duet of 'Endless Love', the group incurred yet another one when the ballet vid received less than half the required amount.

So, it was all down to the two toy cars, Coolio and Tom, who deliberately failed their car wash challenge by not bothering to respond to the klaxon when the time came, a defiant Tommy having previously told Coolio, "If the whole group is going to fail anyway, then let's just fail".

As a consequence, the group have been awarded a budget of just £1 per person, per day to buy shopping for the coming week, something which caused tension as soon as the housemates began discussing how they should spend it.

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