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Mut-ya Moaning About?

Mutya had a good old moan in the Diary Room today, and you'd think that being cooped-up in the Big Brother House for a week-or-two was the worst hardship a person could endure.

"This is really depressing now," moaned the one-time Sugababe, before going-on to whinge about being kept waiting to perform her piano routine with La Toya for the latest Toy task.

Mutya has told her peers that she never thought she would go on Celebrity Big Brother, and effectively admitted that she only did it for the money. And although that's not exactly a revelatory statement, it doesn't mean as far as BB fans are concerned that she can sit back, do nothing and have an easy time.

Indeed, the sour-faced 23-year-old's recent comment about 'not looking stupid for anyone's entertainment' was, frankly, a bit galling given that the celebs (and we use the term loosely) have apparently been paid tens-of-thousands of pounds to appear on the show.

So, the least they can do is participate, get stuck in and try to enjoy it; some interesting conversation, celebrity-based anecdotes and a bit of fun banter wouldn't go amiss either. Otherwise, what's the point of them being there?

Anyway, back in the Diary Room Mutya, wearing a long face, also ranted about the lack of decent food and the fact that it was boring in the House with nothing to do.

Um, haven't you seen the show before love? It's Big Brother, not Big Butlins!

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