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First Round Nominees Announced

During the first week of the game, Head of House Terry was responsible for choosing three nominees over a period of a few days. This week things were more straightforward, as the first round of nominations 'proper' took place on Monday afternoon.

So, with all ten housemates having voted, the result is that this week's nominees are:

Michelle Heaton, Mutya Buena, Tina Malone and Ulrika Jonsson.

It's a bit of a surprise that Coolio has avoided being 'up', but not a massive one seeing as the late-night crew of Terry, Tommy, Verne (and arguably La Toya) were unlikely to vote for the former rapper. Indeed, the biggest surprise is that only one of the five girls – Michelle – nominated the obnoxious Yank.

Early indications are that it could be mouth-almighty Tina up for the chop, but that depends to an extent on whether Michelle continues to be so wet and boring over the coming days.

Anyway, who stays, who goes? YOU decide!

The 2nd Eviction of Celebrity Big Brother 6 will take place on Friday the 16th of January, and voting lines are now open. The voting telephone numbers are detailed in another article from our CBB6 News section.

Don't forget to go and vote in our Home page Poll relating to the 2nd Eviction. Remember, it's just for fun and you still need to register a phone vote or two if you desperately want rid-of a particular nominee.

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