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The CBB6 Finalists Percentages, Weighted By BBO

Every year at the end of a series of Big Brother, Channel 4 insist on issuing percentages for the final week evictees, Runner-up and Winner which don't add-up. This makes it difficult to judge how close the result was in reality. For example, here are the figures released for all seven contenders to win Celebrity Big Brother 6:

La Toya: 6.6%, Tommy: 9.2%, Ben: 15.2%, Verne: 15.8%, Coolio: 25.3%, Terry: 43.3% and Ulrika: 56.7%.

As you can see, those figures add-up to 172%, but it's not possible to have more than 100%. Doh! Also, if you look at the last two figures, it appears that Ulrika beat Terry by a big margin – over 13% – but that's not actually the case.

The reason the figures don't add-up is because when final-week housemates leave the House, the vote counts are all taken at different times and the voting continues.

Anyway, seeing as fans began voting for a winner on Monday night when there were seven people in contention, the result of the public vote would look something like this if weighted to take into account all of the contenders:

La Toya: 5.7%
Tommy: 6.5%
Ben: 11.3%
Verne: 12.2%
Coolio: 16.4%
Terry: 20.8%
Ulrika: 27.1%

And if you remove La Toya and Tommy, and concentrate on the five contestants who survived until the last day, it comes-out something like this:

Ben: 12.9%
Verne: 13.9%
Coolio: 18.6%
Terry: 23.7%
Ulrika: 30.9%

Our own Home page 'Winner' Poll, which concentrated on the 'Final Five', had the top three housemates a bit closer, having registered the following result:

Ben: 10.1%
Verne: 17.9%
Coolio: 21.4%
Ulrika: 23.7%
Terry: 26.9%

You will note that our Poll had series Winner Ulrika and Runner-up Terry the wrong way round. However, 'Winner' Polls (as opposed to the weekly eviction Polls), can often be 7, 8 or even 10% out, mainly because it's possible for fans to multiple vote by phone, but also because they can change allegiances and vote for someone else on the night of the Final. However, they can only vote once in our Poll.

We hope that makes things a bit clearer for you.

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