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La Toya Jackson <<

Why not read all our unique Latest News articles to see what La Toya and all the other Celebrity Big Brother 6 UK housemates have been up to? For La Toya's game status and nomination history, see below.

Name: La Toya Jackson
Age: 52
Originally From: Gary, Indiana, in the USA, but now lives in Los Angeles and Vegas
Occupation: Recording Artist & Writer
Star Sign: Gemini

Other Info:

La Toya was born into the world-famous Jackson family, known for their music. However she originally wanted to study business law (or work in McDonalds!), believing that the family should have someone legally qualified within it. Her father had other ideas though, and she began performing in her teens, going-on to form a band with her two sisters briefly by the time she was 23. They never actually recorded anything together.

Having subsequently made her name in music, La Toya – who has released ten solo albums and has another on the way – turned to acting, writing and modelling. She famously posed for Playboy magazine in 1989, which made for their best-selling issue at the time. She has also performed in Moulin Rouge, Paris, and written a book.

La Toya claims never to have used her fame to get anything, but in the same breath she says that she can't live without bottled water, clean sheets, paper towels and tissues. A bit of a diva, she reportedly asked the show's producers not to film her before she had put make-up on in the mornings. Her brother Jermaine, who appeared on the show in 2007, should perhaps have warned her that there are no such privileges.

Dog owner La Toya has a severe phobia of cats due to a relative being attacked by one when she was young. She loves apple tart but is allergic to peaches, and her favourite food is smoked salmon. She dislikes any white foods such as mashed potato or rice, and is not a fan of chocolate or cheese either.

She describes herself as 'a red bottle of wine that ages gracefully; the older it is, the better it gets' and says of her Celebrity Big Brother 6 experience: ”It's going to be great because I still don’t know the world, I have been sheltered”.

Game Status/ Position: La Toya Jackson came 7th Overall (out of 11), lasting twenty days in the game.

La Toya was evicted at the 4th Eviction of Celebrity Big Brother 6 on Wednesday the 21st of January 2009 (Day 20) two days before the Finale, when fans were voting for a winner. She had received the lowest number of votes in the public vote, 6.6%, although please see this article for a more accurate % figure. The other contenders at the time were Ben, Coolio, Terry, Tommy, Ulrika and Verne. It was a double eviction and Tommy followed La Toya out the door, leaving the other five contestants to face the Finale. La Toya did not face eviction during her time in the game.

Nomination History:

1st  (Day 5) - At the First Round of nominations, HoH Terry nominated Ben, Lucy and Ulrika, but Ben was subsequently saved by his peers and the other two faced the 1st Eviction. So, La Toya escaped being nominated at the first round.

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