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What Will Davina Say?

As sure as eggs is eggs, tonight Davina will utter the phrase 'Big Brother House this is Davina. You are live on Channel 4, please do not swear'. However, we've just come across a fun betting market looking at what other clichés the longstanding host might say.

And some of them might be worth a flutter!

Here's what odds you can get on the different phrases, and Davina must say at least one of them or the market is void:

'Now then' - 4/1
'I'm coming to get you' - 5/1
'I'm so excited' - 6/1
'Who wins? You decide!' - 6/1
'The public have voted' - 6/1
'So much controversy' - 8/1
'Princess Shilpa' - 10/1
'Her side of the story' - 10/1
'Time for the housemates to face the public' - 12/1
'Was it racist?' - 12/1
'Why do you think you didn't win?' - 14/1
'Who do you think will win?' - 14/1
'Any regrets?' - 16/1
'Here are your best bits' - 18/1
'Did you have a gameplan?' - 20/1
'How do you roast a chicken?' - 28/1
'What have you learned about yourself in the House?' - 33/1
'Will you keep in contact with any of the housemates?' - 33/1

If you decide to place a bet, you are betting on which phrase she says first, if any, and you have to admit that a few of 'em look like good bets, as you could turn £10 into £50, £60, £70 or £80 with the first clichés on the list.

Anyway, if you'd like to place a bet and get yourself a Free £10 Bet at the same time, head over to the Paddy Power website by clicking here and signing-up. The current BB odds are in the Novelty Bets section.

Also, it's not too late to bet on the Outright Winner of the series and you also can get yourself a Free £25 Bet (provided you stake at least £25) with BlueSquare by clicking here.

You need to click the Specials link at the top of the page for the BB betting, but as with Paddy Power, you can bet on any market (horses, football etc) to qualify for the Free Bet. With just hours to go until the Finale, you can currently get 2/11 on Shilpa to Win, so you'd have to stake hundreds of pounds to make it worthwhile.

However, Jermaine might be worth a late bet at 4/1, where you could turn £25 into £125 if successful?.

Even if you decide not to place a bet, it could still be fun to consider what phrase you would have backed and then scrutinise the opening of the Finale show to see how much you could have won.

Just don't kick yourself if your predicted phrase actually comes up and you didn't place a bet!

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