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Who Wins Tonight? YOU Decide!

First, rebel Donny jumped over the wall on Day 3, then Ken quit two days later, and on Day 8 Jackiey got the boot.

Just two days after that, Leo broke-out in a tantrum and Carole got evicted. One week later, Jade was survived by Shilpa at the 3rd Eviction, and we lost both Jo and Cleo at the 4th and 5th Evictions on Friday night.

So, eight people have left the House so far, with three having thrown in the towel and four having been evicted. No male housemates have been evicted, therefore the series Finale features mostly guys, with just one girl hanging-on in there.

But what you really want to know is, who's likely to Win tonight?

Well, we could try and build-up your hopes, keep an air of mystery and encourage you to vote, but frankly, we'd rather be honest and tell you for sure who definitely won't win, and that's neither Jack nor Danielle.

Jack has surely been the dullest housemate ever and it's saying something to suggest that he came out of himself when Jade left the House. Frankly, he didn't; he simply managed to string a few sentences together each day, rather than seemingly none.

Danielle is Public Enemy No.1 due to her bullying and arguable racist behaviour, so she stands absolutely no chance of winning CBB5. Indeed, she will do well to survive an inevitable hostile reception from the crowd upon exiting the House.

Next we look at Ian, who's been a bit of something-and-nothing housemate as far as fans are concerned. Although he did speak-out against the bullying via his nominations, he did nothing to stop it at the time. Still, he's a nice enough bloke and likes to have fun, but he hasn't done enough to win.

'Faceman' Dirk made quite an entrance and looked as though he might provide plenty of quips, tales, flirting and mischief. However, although he's had his moments of genius, he turned out to be a bit too grumpy ultimately. Even though he's got his A-Team fanclub, we're not sure that Dirk's done enough to win; the 61-year-old would do well to make second place.

Thinking about people who don't seem to have done much, Jermaine must feature high on the list. He's been reluctant to talk about his family or sing any of their songs, and has, at times, looked like a fish out of water.

However, he's a genuinely nice guy and having that famous surname ensures he'll get lots of support from the huge Jackson fan base. Jermaine is a likely candidate for second place, so that leaves just one other contestant in the running, the only girl in the village, Shilpa.

Shilpa has so many great qualities that we can't list them all here without sounding biased.

Unlike other 'nice' characters from previous series, she hasn't been afraid to tackle the source of trouble head-on, yet she's resisted the temptation to bitch about her peers. At the same time, she seemingly let all the hassle go over her head.

And when you can use words such as beautiful, compassionate, fun-loving, resilient and humble about a celebrity housemate, you have to wonder if anyone else could possibly beat them.

In our Week 1 Poll asking who fans wanted to save (Master and Servants Task), Shilpa got 52% in our Poll with Jermaine on 17%. Then, one week in, we asked who your favourite housemate was and Shilpa polled 48%, with Jermaine, Cleo and Dirk all trailing on around 12% each.

In our current Poll asking who you want to Win, Shilpa has 51% whereas Jermaine has 21% and Dirk 16%. So, from the above you can see that the Bollywood beauty has always been popular. Therefore, if she wins tonight, it won't be down to some kind of sympathy vote.

Still, things may not be quite so clear-cut when it comes to the actual public vote, as unlike our Polls, people can multiple vote for their favourite housemate. Also, fans can switch allegiance at the last minute and vote again for someone else, so we'll just have to wait and see.

Don't forget to tune-in to Channel 4 at 8pm tonight, the 28th of January 2007 to watch the Finale show. In the meantime, you can always come and root for your preferred Winner in our Discussion Forum, or just read what everyone has to say if you'd rather stay in the background.

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