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You Are Now Voting For A WINNER!

Jo and Cleo got the boot last night which left six people in the game, and you are now voting for a Winner.

Your choices are between Danielle Lloyd, Dirk Benedict, Ian 'H' Watkins, Jack Tweed, Jermaine Jackson and Shilpa Shetty, and all but Jack have been there from the beginning of the series.

Only you can decide who's worthy of being crowned the Winner, but things are a little different this time around as attention has been focussed on one particular housemate for some time, that's Shilpa.

Not to put too fine a point on it, there's a distinct danger that she could get the sympathy vote for having taken weeks of abuse from Jade, Danielle and Jo. However, that's not really fair on the Indian actress, who is quite capable of winning in her own right.

Instead, we hope that fans will consider which housemate is deserved of the win, rather than just voting for someone just because they're ashamed of the behaviour of a fellow Brit.

Often, during a normal series of Big Brother, we wonder if the person who caused the most friction or upset should win (Danielle in this case), but that's simply not going to happen for CBB5.

In fact, that person never wins, even if they manage to stay in until the final week by somehow avoiding nominations.

So, perhaps fans should take into account who's entertained them the most? Or, with no £100,000 prize on offer, is it the case that the nicest person should win, as in previous series of Celebrity Big Brother?

YOU decide!

Anyway, who wins the series is up to you, so make sure you register your vote and tune-in to Channel 4 at 8.00pm on Sunday the 28th of January 2007 for the 2-hour-long live Finale show.

Voting lines are now open. The voting text and telephone numbers are detailed in another story within Week 4 of our Celebrity Big Brother 5 Latest News section.

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