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Dual Eviction To Ease Jo's Exit?

It's eviction night tonight and we wonder if Channel 4 will contrive to ease Jo's inevitable exit by making it a dual eviction?

This morning, when sat outside chatting to Danni and Cleo about her possible eviction, Jo said to the latter, "It would be alright if you could walk up the stairs together... say me and you holding hands".

A little later, Jermaine said to Dirk that he might be going home tonight and the actor, although happy to leave, wished that the evictees didn't have to leave on their own, as it's too much attention focused on just one person.

Linking that comment to the speculation in the House that more than one nominee will leave tonight, Jack said, "You won't all go out together though".

However, we understand from inside sources that Channel 4 are considering making tonight's double eviction a 'dual eviction', where both evictees would leave at the same time.

The reason, we feel, is that they pretty-much know Jo will go, whether as the 4th or 5th Evictee, and they want to protect her from the wrath of the crowd.

After all, if she and Cleo were to walk out together, there'd probably be a mixed reaction from the crowd as the latter isn't a hate figure in the same way that Jo is. Also, even if there are boos, it will be easier for the evictees to handle as they won't know who the disdain is aimed at.

We have seen such an eviction before, when Michael and Spiral were partnered as friends and left the House together during Big Brother 7 last summer.

So, C4 protected Jade and now it looks like they're doing their best to protect Jo, although at least a crowd is permitted to attend tonight. The sound engineers will doubtless mix in some cheering and clapping on the live show, so the best thing the crowd could do is to chant (say, 'Bully') to voice their opinions about Jo's behaviour.

Then again, as the race row furore dies down, perhaps it's time to move on and just stick with some panto-style booing?

Remember to tune-in to tonight's Channel 4 eviction shows to see how it all pans out.

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