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Who Goes Tonight? Who Do You Want To Win?

Tonight, having spent twenty-four days in the game, two more contestants will leave the Big Brother House as the 4th and 5th Evictees.

So, Cleo, Dirk, Ian, Jo and Shilpa are 'up', and we now have more of an idea what might happen tonight, something that was unclear on the day the nominees were announced.

In our recent Poll asking who fans wanted out most, Jo got a massive 68%, with the others on 15%, 8%, 7% and 2% (Cleo, Dirk, Shilpa and Ian respectively). Therefore, it's clear to see that Big Bro fans want rid-of Jo big time, so she will undoubtedly leave tonight as the 4th Evictee.

However, it's a double eviction tonight, so who'll be joining the former S Club girl, lasting just an hour longer in the game and leaving as the 5th Evictee?

Looking at recent Polls again, we ran a concurrent Poll asking who fans wanted to see the back of second, and Cleo got a substantial 58%, with the others on 15%, 14%, 7% and 6% (Jo, Dirk, Shilpa, Ian). So, seeing as she also polled the second-highest amount in the first Poll, we have to deduce that Cleo will be joining Jo tonight.

We know why fans want to get rid of Jo: she's incredibly pessimistic and moans a lot, and she always makes bitchy comments about the people she doesn't like. Also, fans haven't forgiven her for forming the coven of Witches along with fellow bullies Jade and Danielle, so her fate was sealed quite early-on in the game really.

Cleo, on the other hand, was doing really well at the beginning of the game, becoming the favourite to win at one point. However, her arguable fence-sitting behaviour over Jade's bullying of Shilpa riled a fair few fans.

Okay, so Dirk, Ian and Jermaine did little to support Shilpa, but at least they didn't spend their time sucking-up to Jade's gang like Cleo did. In fact she's still doing it, having only just told terminal moron Jack that he has lots of wisdom.

Also, as soon as Jade left, Cleo seemed to take her place in the coven, and the final straw for fans was when she pestered Dirk with her 'unfunny' comedy character Tiara. She got snubbed by the 60-something actor and subsequently took it out on him, probably because she was embarrassed by the failure of whole thing.

SHE was embarrassed? EVERYBODY who saw it was embarrassed, it was so cringeworthy.

So, it looks like that pair are set to go tonight, which will leave six contestants in the game, that's: Danielle, Dirk, Ian, Jack, Jermaine and Shilpa.

Later this afternoon (Friday the 26th of January) at around 2pm, we'll be changing our Home page Poll to ask who you want to Win. We wouldn't normally do that until after the eviction on a Friday night, but lots of people visit the BBO website from work and we don't want to miss-out on your vote.

We say that because the series ends on Sunday, so it will all be over when people come back to work next week. Therefore, we'll assume that Jo and Cleo are going, and ask that you please pop back and vote later today and let us know who you want to win CBB5.

If you fancy a flutter on the possible outcome of tonight's eviction and would like to get yourself a FREE Bet, then click here to get a Free £25 Bet (provided you stake at least £25) and also click here to get a Free £10 Bet. Head for the Specials/ TV Specials section at the top, or Novelty Bets section on the left.

The odds for the 4th Eviction are really low, but at the time of writing you can still get 1/4 on Cleo going at the 5th Eviction, or 7/2 on Dirk. So, a £100 stake on Cleo would get you £25 profit, and a £25 stake on Dirk would get you almost £90 profit.

Alternatively, you could always bet on the Outright Winner of the series, where you can currently get 4/11 on Shilpa, 3/1 on Jermaine, 10/1 on Dirk or 33/1 on Ian. So, a £25 stake would get you a profit of £9, £75, £250 or £825 respectively.

The bookies clearly think that Shilpa will Win, but looking at the above Poll results we're not so sure. Is it worth taking a bet on Ian, especially as you'll get your Free £25 Bet whether you win or lose? (new customers only).

You decide!

Anyway, you have until around 9pm tonight, Friday the 26th of January 2007 to register your vote/s for the ones you'd like to get rid-of next. You can find the voting telephone and text numbers in another article from Week 3 of our Celebrity Big Brother 5 Latest News section

Don't forget, you can always come and discuss all the Big Brother goings-on in our Discussion Forum, or just come and read what everyone has to say.

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