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Voting Suspended For Now...

If you're thinking about voting for your least favourite celebs to go at Friday night's 4th and 5th Evictions, don't!  Well, not yet anyway.

For, as at 3.30pm this afternoon, Channel 4 have suspended the voting due to an error whereby the titles at the end of Wednesday night's show incorrectly detailed Shilpa's numbers as being 'Vote To Save'.

As we know, it's 'Vote To Evict' this week for all housemates, and here at BBO we don't think that many fans would have taken the onscreen info onboard; it's only flashed up for a short period of time any way.

After all, we've had over 10 series of BB so far, so surely fans know how it works by now? The top bods wouldn't make it vote to evict some housemates and vote to save others at the same Eviction.

Anyway, even though the voiceover gave the correct information, Channel 4/ Endemol have nevertheless consulted with their adjudicators and decided to cancel all votes registered so far.

They will re-open the lines after tonight's (Thursday) highlights show. In the meantime, however, it looks like you can still call the voting numbers so please don't be tempted to do that, or you'll just be wasting your money. Your vote will NOT count.

Programme-makers Endemol have issued this statement, "This was a genuine mistake which was due to human error. We apologise to viewers and feel the best way to rectify it is to cancel the vote so far and re-open the voting again this evening, at the end of tonight's show".

The majority of fans were probably planning to vote on Friday, so in our view this blip shouldn't significantly affect the overall outcome. Looking into our crystal ball, it will be Jo (the most hated nominee) leaving first as the 4th Evictee, and then the slightly more popular Cleo following close behind as Evictee No.5.

Fans who've already voted can apparently claim their 50p back, but it's probably way too much hassle and Channel 4 haven't told us how. If we get more information, we'll add it to the relevant thread in our Discussion Forum. All unclaimed monies will be donated to charity.

So, to re-iterate, don't text or phone to register your vote until you're told that the voting lines have been re-opened again. This will definitely have occurred by Friday morning.

We know what you're thinking... 'Have the real people gone on holiday and left the Muppets running Endemol or something?'

We're saying nothing!

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