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Third Round Nominees Announced

The group nominated for the third time yesterday and it was a standard procedure again; everyone got to vote in turn, no-one was punished.

And the result is that a whopping five out of the remaining eight housemates are up for eviction!

They are: Cleo, Dirk, Ian, Jo and Shilpa.

So, bully and public enemy No.1, Danielle, has escaped this week and would without a doubt have become the 4th Evictee if she was up. However, her bitching partner Jo has not been so lucky.

Jo started-off the series fine, but has arguably turned into a bitter, cynical and bitchy bully. She rarely has a nice thing to say, is always moaning, and has been accused of picking-on Dirk by fans.

Therefore, Jo has to be the favourite go next, and you could do a lot worse than checking-out the odds here (novelty Bets section) or here (Specials section), where you can bet on the likely outcome of the 4th Eviction and get yourself a Free £10 Bet or £25 respectively. Odds will re-appear by tomorrow morning.

But what'll happen now, because we can confirm that there's a double eviction on Friday night?.

The next person on the public hit list is Jack. However, in time-honoured BB tradition, the exceptionally dull Londoner is likely to last a long time by flying under the radar and avoiding nominations.

Indeed, he should be so lucky that he's considered interesting enough to be worth nominating by the majority. He isn't, so he stays in the game.

The interesting thing this week is that after Jack, Shilpa was next on the list of housemates that the fans want out according to our recent Poll, even though she's also the favourite to win.

Whether that reflects some bad feeling towards her due to the highlights show when the Poll first started, remains to be seen.

So, it's a perplexing situation: in the double eviction will Shilpa join Jo (as unlikely as that sounds), or will it be failed-comedienne Cleo or Dirty Dancing Dirk that gets the sharp end of Big Bro's metaphorical boot?

Who knows at this stage? Things will only start to become more clear as the public vote gets going. Talking of which, the voting lines will open later this evening and the voting text and telephone numbers will be detailed in another article from our Celebrity Big Brother 5 Latest News section soon.

We'll also start two new Home page Poll later tonight asking who you'd like to see booted-out most/ second. Please come and register your vote, although remember that the Polls are just for fun and you'll need to call or text in if you wish to register your vote proper.

Who stays, who goes? YOU decide!

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