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Is Jack In Cloud Cuckoo Land?

Chatting with the group this afternoon (not that he was particularly verbose or excitable, naturally), Jack claimed that he'd travelled the world as an actor. Erm, what? He can hardly speak!

Ian was talking about the theatre and his backstage routine (again), saying that he often ate loads of chocolate after a performance. Fellow actor Dirk stated that he used to take a drop of whisky after coming off stage.

But then Jack piped-up with this mumbled gem, "When I used to do it, I used to do half the theatre (the first act), then I used to eat a big meal like that, then do the other half, and just go to bed after that".

Dirk let out a laugh, not over the skinny boy's culinary tale, but in total bemusement over the suggestion that the semi-mute housemate had been anywhere near a stage.

Danielle asked the 19-year-old who he had played on stage and Jack claimed that he'd done loads, adding, "I went all around the world doing it".

In response, Ian asked what his favourite role was and Jack replied, "Probably, er... when I done Grease".

Ian: "Who did you play?

Jack: "That man... erm...," that'll be the main character Danny then. Doh!

The thing is, is Jack exaggerating his experiences or is he just lying? After all, having made a comment in the Diary Room about being arrested, he subsequently told Big Brother that he didn't know what it was like, as he'd never been 'nicked for anything.

However, he's currently on bail for drink driving, so surely that means he'd have to have been arrested by the Police Officers who charged him for being three times over the legal limit?

Jack also claims to be a football agent, but who are his clients? Who has he signed? HOW could he negotiate anything given his limited vocabulary and dull character.

He's the antithesis of charismatic, and we reckon that he's in cloud cuckoo land to be frank.

Thank God for rich girlfriends, eh Jack?

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