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She's As Cold As Ice

Snow fell today and caused great excitement within the group, save for a couple of po-faced contestants (cough: Jo and Dirk) who gave the white stuff a frosty reception.

Having looked-out into the garden, early riser Jermaine predicted that it might snow this morning and gave it a 50/50 chance. And sure enough, snow fell for all of about 2 minutes before it turned into rain.

Still, it didn't stop Ian and Shilpa getting almost hyper over the event, with Ian excitedly telling Jermaine about it and then waking-up Shilpa, who whooped, "Oh my gosh!" as she headed for the garden.

"Isn't that nice," said Dirk, not caring a less. That said, he was brought-up surrounded by snow, so it's no big deal to him.

Shilpa, on the other hand, has never actually seen snow fall, even though she's filmed in it before. So, she collected some ice in a bowl and duly went into the bedroom to show the other girls.

Having burst-in declaring that it had been snowing for a while, Shilpa did not impress sleepyhead Jo, who later moaned to herself (and Danielle), "Is it snowing now? No. Did it settle? No. Well then it ain't really snow is it? Stupid".

When the bulldog-alike housemate eventually arose, Shilpa welcomed her by joking, "Jo, it's so nice to see you in such a good mood!"

But Ian had the better quip, answering Jo's whinging about the lack of settled snow with, "You know what? You warmed the day up when you woke up," prompting sniggers from the group.

Nice one, H man!

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