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Shilpa's Story

Shilpa was talking with her peers about the ups and downs of her career this morning.

First, the 31-year-old told how she originally wanted to be a model, but got rejected because she was too young and had some puppy fat on her.

She was then whisked away to become an actress, and her first film was a huge hit, with Shilpa being touted as the 'next big thing' in Bollywood.

However, her career soon took a nose-dive and Shilpa admitted, "My films started flopping, and the critics said I was wearing too much make up".

Then she got herself a boyfriend and it became public knowledge, which was the kiss of death for an actress at the time.

"In India, people want to go to sleep and think they can get the heroine", explained the beauty, before stating that it's much more open now. "It's a welcome change, but 10 years ago it was a huge thing."

Shilpa then told how she split up with her partner, had no work, and was completely written-off by the Indian press. However, she took a step back, learnt to do her own make up and clawed her way back to the top with determination.

A fascinating tale, and perhaps fans will now see why Shilpa says things like 'I can't be made to look cheap' in the Big Brother House. She has already lost it all once, and cannot afford to be seen in bad light again.

So, is she really 'up herself' as some people think, or just protecting a successful career?

YOU decide!

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